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from copy import copy
from datetime import datetime

from jsonobject.exceptions import BadValueError

from import PhoneDateValueError
from import (
from couchforms.geopoint import GeoPoint
from dimagi.utils.parsing import json_format_datetime

from import NULL_VALUE

from . import filters
from .client import ElasticDocumentAdapter, create_document_adapter
from .const import (
from .es_query import HQESQuery
from .index.settings import IndexSettingsKey

[docs]class FormES(HQESQuery): index = HQ_FORMS_INDEX_CANONICAL_NAME default_filters = { 'is_xform_instance': filters.term("doc_type", "xforminstance"), 'has_xmlns': filters.exists("xmlns"), 'has_user': filters.exists("form.meta.userID"), 'has_domain': filters.exists("domain"), } @property def builtin_filters(self): return [ form_ids, xmlns, app, submitted, completed, user_id, user_type, user_ids_handle_unknown, updating_cases, ] + super(FormES, self).builtin_filters
[docs] def user_aggregation(self): return self.terms_aggregation('form.meta.userID', 'user')
[docs] def domain_aggregation(self): return self.terms_aggregation('domain.exact', 'domain')
[docs] def only_archived(self): """Include only archived forms, which are normally excluded""" return (self.remove_default_filter('is_xform_instance') .filter(filters.doc_type('xformarchived')))
[docs]class ElasticForm(ElasticDocumentAdapter): settings_key = IndexSettingsKey.FORMS canonical_name = HQ_FORMS_INDEX_CANONICAL_NAME @property def mapping(self): from .mappings.xform_mapping import XFORM_MAPPING return XFORM_MAPPING @property def model_cls(self): from corehq.form_processor.models.forms import XFormInstance return XFormInstance def _from_dict(cls, xform_dict): """ Takes in a xform dict and applies required transformation to make it suitable for ES. :param xform: an instance of ``dict`` which is ``XFormInstance.to_json()`` """ from import extract_case_blocks from corehq.apps.receiverwrapper.util import get_app_version_info from corehq.pillows.utils import format_form_meta_for_es, get_user_type from corehq.pillows.xform import is_valid_date # create shallow copy of form object and case objects # that will be modified in tranformation form = xform_dict['form'] = copy(xform_dict['form']) if 'case' in form: if isinstance(form['case'], dict): form['case'] = copy(form['case']) elif isinstance(form['case'], list): form['case'] = [copy(case) for case in form['case']] user_id = None if 'meta' in form: form_meta = form['meta'] = copy(form['meta']) if not is_valid_date(form_meta.get('timeEnd', None)): form_meta['timeEnd'] = None if not is_valid_date(form_meta.get('timeStart', None)): form_meta['timeStart'] = None # Some docs have their @xmlns and #text here if isinstance(form_meta.get('appVersion'), dict): form_meta = format_form_meta_for_es(form_meta) app_version_info = get_app_version_info( xform_dict['domain'], xform_dict.get('build_id'), xform_dict.get('version'), form_meta, ) form_meta['commcare_version'] = app_version_info.commcare_version form_meta['app_build_version'] = app_version_info.build_version user_id = form_meta.get('userID', None) try: geo_point = GeoPoint.from_string(xform_dict['form']['meta']['location']) form_meta['geo_point'] = geo_point.lat_lon except (KeyError, BadValueError): form_meta['geo_point'] = None pass xform_dict['user_type'] = get_user_type(user_id) xform_dict['inserted_at'] = json_format_datetime(datetime.utcnow()) try: case_blocks = extract_case_blocks(xform_dict) except PhoneDateValueError: pass else: for case_dict in case_blocks: for date_modified_key in ['date_modified', '@date_modified']: if not is_valid_date(case_dict.get(date_modified_key, None)): if case_dict.get(date_modified_key) == '': case_dict[date_modified_key] = None else: case_dict.pop(date_modified_key, None) # convert all mapped dict properties to nulls if they are empty strings for object_key in ['index', 'attachment', 'create', 'update']: if object_key in case_dict and not isinstance(case_dict[object_key], dict): case_dict[object_key] = None try: xform_dict["__retrieved_case_ids"] = list(set(case_update_from_block(cb).id for cb in case_blocks)) except CaseGenerationException: xform_dict["__retrieved_case_ids"] = [] if 'backend_id' not in xform_dict: xform_dict['backend_id'] = 'sql' return super()._from_dict(xform_dict)
form_adapter = create_document_adapter( ElasticForm, HQ_FORMS_INDEX_NAME, "xform", secondary=HQ_FORMS_SECONDARY_INDEX_NAME, )
[docs]def form_ids(form_ids): return filters.term('_id', form_ids)
[docs]def xmlns(xmlnss): return filters.term('xmlns.exact', xmlnss)
[docs]def app(app_ids): return filters.term('app_id', app_ids)
[docs]def submitted(gt=None, gte=None, lt=None, lte=None): return filters.date_range('received_on', gt, gte, lt, lte)
[docs]def completed(gt=None, gte=None, lt=None, lte=None): return filters.date_range('form.meta.timeEnd', gt, gte, lt, lte)
[docs]def user_id(user_ids): if not isinstance(user_ids, (list, set, tuple)): user_ids = [user_ids] return filters.term( 'form.meta.userID', [x if x is not None else NULL_VALUE for x in user_ids] )
[docs]def user_type(user_types): return filters.term("user_type", user_types)
[docs]def user_ids_handle_unknown(user_ids): missing_users = None in user_ids user_ids = [_f for _f in user_ids if _f] if not missing_users: user_filter = user_id(user_ids) elif user_ids and missing_users: user_filter = filters.OR( user_id(user_ids), filters.missing('form.meta.userID'), ) else: user_filter = filters.missing('form.meta.userID') return user_filter
[docs]def updating_cases(case_ids): """return only those forms that have case blocks that touch the cases listed in `case_ids` """ return filters.term("__retrieved_case_ids", case_ids)