Adding a new CommCare Setting

A new setting can be defined in commcare-app-settings.yml or commcare-profile-settings.yml depending on whether the setting is HQ only or should also go to mobile xml files. The spec for setting is given in below section.

CommCare Settings Config Spec

This page documents the YAML configuration found in these locations:

Each of commcare-app-settings.yml and commcare-profile-settings.yml contain a yaml list with each element containing the following properties:

Required properties

  • id - The “key” attribute to be used in the CommCare profile (or “feature” name)

  • name - Human readable name of the property

  • description - A longer human readable description of what the property does

  • default - The default value for the property

  • values - All the possible values for the property

  • value_names - The human readable names corresponding to the values


  • requires - Should be set if this property is only enabled when another property has a certain value. Syntax is "{SCOPE.PROPERTY}='VALUE'", where SCOPE can be hq, properties, features, or $parent.

  • requires_txt - Optional text explaining the dependency enforced by requires

  • contingent_default - What value to force this property to if it’s disabled. E.g. [{"condition": "{features.sense}='true'", "value": "cc-su-auto"}], means “if the feature sense is 'true', then this property should be forced to take the value "cc-su-auto".

  • since - The CommCare version in which this property was introduced. E.g. 2.1.

  • type - Less common. To render as a “feature” set this to "features".

  • commcare_default - The default used by CommCare, if it differs from the default we want it to have on HQ.

  • disabled_default - The default to be used if the app’s build version is less than the since parameter. contingent_default takes precedence over this setting.

  • values_txt - Extra help text describing what values can be entered

  • group - Presentational; defines how the properties get grouped on HQ

  • disabled - Set to true for deprecated values we don’t want to show up in the UI anymore

  • force - Set to true to have the force attribute of the setting set when building the profile. Only applies when type=’properties’ (default).

  • toggle - If specified, the property will only be shown if the given toggle is enabled. The value should be an identifier for a toggle in corehq/, e.g. “CUSTOM_APP_BASE_URL”

  • warning - Text displayed if the value of the setting is invalid

Only static setting options can be defined in settings yaml files, any app or domain specific context to render the setting on HQ Edit Application settings page can be provided in corehq.apps.app_manager.view.apps:get_app_view_context


- name: "Auto Update Frequency"
  description: "How often CommCare mobile should attempt to check for a new, released application version."
  id: "cc-autoup-freq"
  values: ["freq-never", "freq-daily", "freq-weekly"]
  value_names: ["Never", "Daily", "Weekly"]
  default: "freq-never"
  values_txt: "After login, the application will look at the profile's defined reference for the authoritative location of the newest version. This check will occur with some periodicity since the last successful check based on this property. freq-never disables the automatic check."
  since: "1.3"