Mocha Tests

Adding a new app to test

There are three steps to adding a new app to test:

  1. Add the app name to the Gruntfile.js file. Note: the app has to correspond to an actual Django app.

  2. Create a mocha template in corehq/apps/<app>/templates/<app>/spec/mocha.html to run tests. See an example on here.

  3. Create tests that are included in the template in corehq/apps/<app>/static/<app>/spec/

Creating an alternative configuration for an app

Occasionally there’s a need to use a different mocha template to run tests for the same app. In order to create multiple configurations, specify the app in the Gruntfile.js like this: <app>#<config>

Now mocha will look for that template in corehq/apps/<app>/templates/<app>/spec/<config>/mocha.html

The url to visit that test suite is http://localhost:8000/mocha/<app>/<config>