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CommCare is a multi-tier mobile, server, and messaging platform. The platform enables users to build and configure content and a user interface, deploy that application to Android devices or to an end-user-facing web interface for data entry, and receive that data back in real time. In addition, content may be defined that leverages bi-directional messaging to end-users via API interfaces to SMS gateways, e-mail systems, or other messaging services. The system uses multiple persistence mechanisms, analytical frameworks, and open source libraries.

Data on CommCare mobile is stored encrypted-at-rest (symmetric AES256) by keys that are secured by the mobile user’s password. User data is never written to disk unencrypted, and the keys are only ever held in memory, so if a device is turned off or logged out the data is locally irretrievable without the user’s password. Data is transmitted from the phone to the server (and vis-a-versa) over a secure and encrypted HTTPS channel.


Application Data Layer

Tenant Management

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