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Bulk User Resource

Resource name: bulk_user
First version available: v0.5

This resource is used to get basic user data in bulk, fast. This is especially useful if you need to get, say, the name and phone number of every user in your domain for a widget.

Currently the default fields returned are:


Supported Parameters:

  • q - query string

  • limit - maximum number of results returned

  • offset - Use with limit to paginate results

  • fields - restrict the fields returned to a specified set

Example query string:


This will return the first and last names and usernames for users matching the query “foo”. This request is for the third page of results (200-300)

Additional notes:
It is simple to add more fields if there arises a significant use case.
Potential future plans: Support filtering in addition to querying. Support different types of querying. Add an order_by option